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feminist curricula
The open online directory feministcurricula.org maps and documents design educational initiatives that use feminist perspectives and pedagogies with the ultimate aim of exploring new, alternative ways of learning, teaching, and practicing design. The continuously growing compilation of courses, workshops, classes, and programmes features assignments, projects, reading lists, and approaches, facilitating exchange and collaboration between designers, students, educators, and researchers.

Please say hi at hello@feministcurricula.org


Conceptualised, initiated by Maya Ober (she/her) and run by depatriarchise design, Basel-based non-profit design research association.

Graphic Design: Good for a Gxrl, Mathilde Avogardo (they/them) and Elise Connor (she/they)

UX/UI Design and Programming: Iyo Bisseck (she/her)

feministcurricula uses the typeface Ambient by Laura Csocsan (she/her)


feministcurricula.org received generous financial support from Pro Helvetia Swiss Arts Council within its "Innovation and Society" funding scheme.

feminist curricula
feminist curricula
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If you are a design educator, student or activist, a group of teachers, a collective, and you have organized a class, workshop, lecture, reading group, seminar, or any other form of learning that incorporates feminist perspectives in design education community-based or academic. We encourage you to submit your activity to a continually growing map of similar initiatives worldwide.

We refer to feminisms in the plural, as they constitute diverse and heterogeneous cultural and political projects striving to equality and stressing community importance. Feminist approaches in design education take different forms, depending on the local context, resources, and interests, but they share the wish to foster socially transformative practices toward juster futures.

Hoping that feministcurricula will help us learn from each other, we are happy to see you on board! Follow the purple wave!

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We care for your data and will treat them with confidentiality and never share them with third parties. We will only use the provided information for research purposes and direct communication with you regarding the submitted program. Thank you so much for being part of the ever-growing Feminist Curricula.

feminist curricula